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Two Fathers in One!

2008-06-28 13:18:52 by sebbehebbe

Soon to come: My dedication to all those family sitcoms from the late 80's!

Two Fathers in One is about Stephen who lives in this big red house with his family. Stephen is a schizophrenic and live's not always easy living with two fathers in one!

Just like "The Bad Prank Call" this is going to be pretty vulgar. I think I'm gonna stick to the vulgar style in my movies because it's a little provoking and fun.

I look foward to everyone's reactions, good or bad, they still inspire me.

Have a good one!


Two Fathers in One!


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2008-06-28 13:51:13

Can't wait you sick fuck =) ( in a good way )

sebbehebbe responds:

I'm glad :)


2008-06-28 13:51:46

schizophrenia isint something to make fun of dude.

Totally not cool.

sebbehebbe responds:

Oh see that's where you're wrong :)


2008-06-28 14:33:53

I like you, you're a creative, sharp mother fucker.

sebbehebbe responds:

Thanks man


2008-06-28 15:36:25

Prank Phone Call was Okay.

I think Listening in was kind of boring. The phone call was of course Funny as Hell, but I mean the whole time you are watching people who are not moving.

I give you best of luck on your next project though! I'm sure you won't disappoint on the Humor! :D

sebbehebbe responds:

There is more animation to this one, the last one was harder to animate due to the storyline. :>


2008-06-28 22:27:57

Does that mean that both his fathers are fags and they like to suck eachothers cockz while there son watches

sebbehebbe responds:

HAHAHAHAHA! I can't stop laughing xD!

No, sorry no.. But it's the best damn idea I've heard!


2008-06-29 06:09:59

I don't care if you call me a smartass or not, but what you mean isn't schizophrenia, but multiple personality disorder.
I find it interesting when people make fun of things they don't even understand...

sebbehebbe responds:

You don't know that, you haven't seen the movie yet :)


2009-09-07 19:51:37

It's been over a year... what happened?